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David Audette
Grant Lawless
Patrick Timmons



Clothes do not "make the man.” Or the woman. They make statements.

Clothes express your personality, your opinion, your attitude. They amplify what is already within you, and communicate to others some of the invisible treasures that lie beneath their layers. They are another language you speak, understood by all.  

Clothes are a medium, and the message is your style.

At The Style Council, we want your message to be heard. We work hard to create and curate a collection that is stylish, sophisticated, and simple. Our pieces are bold, because we believe they should speak for themselves. Our pieces are minimalist, because we believe that their voice should not overpower yours. They are understated, so your own statement can be made. What statement will you make?


We are a small team with big personalities and diverse tastes. We have different views on many things, but we share a passion for creating clothes that contribute more to a closet than clutter. We want to build our customers' confidence in their self expression.

Our leadership team is a tight-knit group of friends with respective backgrounds in e-commerce, retail, and fashion design. We share a passion for clothing, and for its ability to translate a personality into a visible statement. We are based in the US, but are bringing style to anywhere we ship.

We are The Style Council, and we want to help you to make your statement.

Grant Lawless

Co-founder, CEO

Patrick Timmons

Co-founder, COO

David Audette‍‍‍‍‍‍

Chief Customer Officer

Marc H‍‍‍arris

Chief Culture Officer



The Style Council has loyal customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. All of these people are awesome, and inspire us daily to continue to create new ways to capture diverse personalities in understated clothing. We are active on all the media that are social, and you can often find different contests or promotions going down in those notification-heavy places. We do not have any retail space, but we are always excited to meet people at the various trade shows and festivals we attend. Hope to see you at one soon!


We love clothes, but we aren’t formal about it. You’ll usually find us in something comfortable, that is stylish but effortless. We believe that dogs may be wizards, because their presence in our office is magical and makes us feel sparkly. We work hard in a collaborative, open office, but we make time for family and for summer BBQs on our back deck. Yes, our office has a back deck. No, we don’t think we’re that cool. But we’re kinda cool.

The Style Council

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